Why a Petrof Piano is Worth Buying

Publish Date: 30 July 2019
P  Pasat petrof

Buying a piano is an investment and as with any investment you’ll want to be sure you’re making the right choice. There are a wide variety of brands for you to choose from but for many, the obvious choice has to be a Petrof Piano. Markson Pianos is an authorised seller of Petrof Pianos.

Founded in 1864 by Czech piano maker Antonin Petrof, the brand has garnered global infamy and allowed them to become the leading piano maker throughout Europe. Each of the Petrof models is famed for their more traditional, romantic, European sound- a trait usually reserved for more expensive makes of the instrument.  Another more notable feature of a Petrof Piano is undeniably the aesthetic appeal; a beautifully constructed piece the Petrof grand is a perfect centrepiece in any space. The eye-catching wood veneer around the inner rim and ice cream cone tapered legs combine elegance with a contemporary twist.

The Petrof brand is focused on providing a wide range of models for customers to choose from to ensure that all budgets can be met. Whether you are looking to purchase an Upright or Grand piano, the Petrof has much to offer with its quality construction and attention to detail.

Petrof’s Grand Piano

The Petrof Grand piano has for years proven to be one of the most popular piano choices due to them being handcrafted by master piano makers. The skilled manual work of these specialists makes up a tremendous 80% of the entire manufacturing process. Their commitment to the craft ensures that Petrof creates world-renowned models in a variety of styles to suit the requirements of any and every pianist.

The range of grand pianos offered by Petrof is arguably the most popular and bestselling would have to be the P210 Pasat grand. The darling of the musical exhibition, the sheer dimesons of this grand allow its sound to make its mark in even the smallest of spaces. Wherever your grand is to be housed, this model without question will recreate the grandeur and atmosphere experienced in the finest concert halls.

Petrof’s Upright Piano

The Petrof Upright pianos are subject to constant development and improvement in order for the company to continuously reach the requirements of their clientele. Even the most discerning pianists would agree that Petrof master technicians and piano makers work tirelessly by hand to create diverse and innovative instruments.

A perfect example of the company’s commitment to forever develop and diversify its models can be seen in the ultra-contemporary P 127 ‘Next’. The model is characterised by its clean form and high-grade materials to perfect every detail. It is the perfect addition to any contemporary interior with modern and minimalistic furniture, making it the ideal model for the modern-day home.

Petrof Pianos are an obvious choice, well suited to a wide variety of repertoire and spaces. Without a doubt, Petrof’s instruments instantly stir the hearts of music lovers with their classically romantic, rounded and gentle tones.

The unwavering commitment to diversity in price, exceedingly high-quality hand-crafted products and long-established history in the industry combined ensure that when you buy a Petrof piano, you know you are investing wisely.