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So you are thinking of selling your piano. You need the space, redecorating, and want it out of the way, or simply that the time has come, it has not been played for a very long time and there is always somewhere else to stand the photographs.

Information we require

For us to be able to give you an idea of whether your piano is something we would be interested in purchasing from you we require certain pieces of information. In the sections below, there is a form which you can fill in and submit which will give us some of the information we require. Often we are able to give you an answer directly, but it is also advantageous for us to have some images which can be emailed to us at the following address :
The Manufacturer - found on the lid which covers the keys
The Case Style - Is the case Traditional or Modern ?
The Case Finish - Is the case satin or polyester (shiny)
The Age / Serial Number - found on the iron frame inside
The Condition - Is your piano in good condition ?
The Stringing - Overstrung ? Strings cross in a V shape
Collection of your piano
If we decide to purchase your piano, you will be delighted to know that we cover the transport costs for it's collection. Part of the enquiry form asks you for information regarding the level (ground floor, first floor, outside steps, lift etc) so that our transporters know what they are in for. 
Our usual and preferred method of payment is via BACS with a scheduled clearance on the date of collection. Should you wish for an alternative method, please discuss this at the time we make the agreement to purchase your piano.
Piano online

Buying Enquiry Form

This form is designed to be a starting point in the process of our possibly buying your piano. Please give as much detail as possible.
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