Bosendorfer Model 120

The Bosendorfer 120 upright piano is an excellent example of Bosendorfer innovation. The company has transformed its expert craftsmanship and design of their grand pianos and transferred them into the 120 upright piano. The result is an impressively rich, clear and beautifully sounding instrument. Its tone is powerful and precise, with a dark, warm sound that is typical of a Bosendorfer piano. The Bosendorfer 120 is handcrafted by the artisans of the company using only the finest grand piano grade materials. Its smaller size in no way limits its projection or resonance, as this model will thrill even the most discerning pianists.

What we like
● Handcrafted in Austria
● Made with premium grade materials
● Features an Austrian spruce soundboard
● Has an elegant, traditional cabinet design
● Agraffes for the entire 88 keys
● Equipped with long keys
● Option for the Yamaha SH2 Silent & Disklavier Enspire systems


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What you should know about Bosendorfer 120 Upright Piano

The Bosendorfer 120 upright piano is considered to be the small brother of Bosendorfer 130 CL, but smaller does not mean any compromise in quality. It has taken a great deal from its big brother: for instance, the long keys and the classic console design. Compact in size, it uses the same construction principles as the 130. The result is a piano with unique dimensions and a great, inspiring sound.
With excellent responsiveness, the Bosendorfer 120 features an action with longer keys for optimised touch and handling, for greater artistic expression. Its unique Bosendorfer bass strings are carefully spun for that warm, sonorous bass that makes this model so popular. What is unique about Bosendorfer is that each piano is fitted with an independent Capo d’Astro in the upper register, which assures the most precise adjustment, ensuring the powerful sound for generations to come.

There is also the option to purchase this model with the Sound Release System, which ensures a much greater openness and fullness of sound.

The Bosendorfer 120’s sophisticated and simplistic design is a sight to behold. This classic and traditional upright piano is not only available in polished ebony, but can also be purchased in a range of different wood finishes to suit all preferences.


  • Height of 120 cm
  • Depth of 65 cm
  • Width of 152 cm
  • Weight of 262 kg

A bit on Bosendorfer’s history

Bosendorfer, the famous Viennese piano maker, ranks as one of the oldest and finest in the world. Using the highest quality materials and utilising their unique resonating case concept which treats the entire instrument as a sounding body, Bosendorfer pianos are greatly admired by the most discerning musician and concert artist. On their website is an exhaustive list of Bosendorfer players and previous owners which include legendary names from Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms and Oscar Peterson to Michael Jackson and ABBA. Bosendorfer also produce models in unique finishes and designs including the striking Porsche and Audi as well as the famous limited-edition Klimt and Chrysler grands. Bosendorfer is known for their innovation, experience and stunning craftsmanship. The company has been setting new standards for piano design for decades, utilising original concepts with traditional construction. Now owned by Yamaha, yet Bosendorfer still exemplifies the high-quality construction of Austrian design, with a vast range of pianos suitable for all pianists.

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