Bosendorfer Model 170VC

The Bosendorfer 170VC Grand Piano was first designed by Ludwig Bosendorfer in 1908. The first sketches depicted an enchanting, elegant instrument perfect for the bourgeois and salon society of Imperial Vienna. Over a century later, this grand piano is as striking as ever, featuring the traditional design of the original, paired with the vision and technology of modern Bosendorfer construction. The Bosendrofer 170VC grand piano is still the essential drawing room piano. Its incredible sound, yet small salon size offers a warm tone with wonderful resonance for an excellent instrument. This instrument is available in a variety of veneers including birds eye maple, burr walnut, amboyna, rosewood and pyramid mahogany.

What we like

● Specially developed rim that ‘sings’
● Offers an expressive, deep sound
● Made with expert Austrian craftsmanship
● Very distinctive in both sound and appearance
● Available in a range of polished finishes


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What you should know about Bosendorfer 170VC Vienna Concert Grand Piano

Beauty of sound cannot be measured in centimetres. The 170 model, the smallest of Bösendorfer’s grand pianos, is specially designed for smaller living spaces – which means you can even enjoy the inimitably rich sound of a Bösendorfer at home. This piano is built by hand using the highest quality materials. The sound quality in the bass and the range of tonal colours are exceptional for a piano of this size. The Bosendorfer 170 VC grand piano is a very impressive and distinctive model. With Viennese heritage, and modern VC technology, this grand piano is a truly enchanting and inspiring instrument.

The core of the piano rim consists of a 10 mm quarter-sawn piece meticulously made by Bösendorfer craftsmen, so that it curves to the silhouette of the piano. When any note is played on the Bösendorfer 170VC, its integrated spruce components are acoustically active, for a resonating body with much greater projection. Made with only the finest components, and Austrian artisan craftsmanship, the Boesendorfer 170VC grand piano offers a pure, precise and brilliant sound. Its bass strings are unique, and carefully spun for that warm and sonorous sound typical of Bösendrofer bass. In addition, only spruce naturally dried by air is used in this piano’s construction for the ideal tone. It actually takes up to six years for each piano to be built from start to finish, from processing the wood up until the moment it arrives at your door. The dedication to the craft is what makes a Bosendorfer piano unique in its design, dynamic, sound and expression.

This model is part of the Vienna Concert range, offering brilliant colours, unique mechanical action, and new technology. The Bosendorfer 170 Vienna Concert truly is the sound of the next generation.


  • Height of 120 cm
  • Depth of 170 cm
  • Width of 151 cm
  • Weight of 316 kg


A bit on Bösendorfer’s history

Boesendorfer, the famous Viennese piano maker, ranks as one of the oldest and finest in the world. Using the highest quality materials and utilising their unique resonating case concept which treats the entire instrument as a sounding body, Bosendorfer pianos are greatly admired by the most discerning musician and concert artist. On their website is an exhaustive list of Bosendorfer players and previous owners which include legendary names from Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms and Oscar Peterson to Michael Jackson and ABBA. Bosendorfer also produce models in unique finishes and designs including the striking Porsche and Audi as well as the famous limited-edition Klimt and Chrysler grands. Bosendorfer is known for their innovation, experience and stunning craftsmanship. The company has been setting new standards for piano design for decades, utilising original concepts with traditional construction. Now owned by Yamaha, yet Bosendorfer still exemplifies the high-quality construction of Austrian design, with a vast range of pianos suitable for all pianists.

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