Kawai CA901

With a traditional cabinet, wooden keys and the Grand Feel III action, you may at first mistake Kawai’s flagship Concert Artist CA901 model for a real acoustic piano. Only then with the built-in touchscreen and hidden speakers do you realise that this is an extremely smartly designed digital piano with a full range of capabilities.

What we like

● Spruce soundboard & wooden components
● Features the Grand Feel III action
● Bluetooth connectivity
● Includes a built-in 5′ touch screen
● Made with longevity and rigidity in mind

Available in Black Satin, White Satin, Rosewood Satin & Black Polished


All our prices include vat.


Kawai is a musical instrument manufacturing company from Japan. The brand is steeped within a great love for instruments and musical expression, and their innovative and carefully crafted products reflect that. The company is known for their carefully selected materials, demanding resonance standards, and high-quality production, making their instruments some of the best quality available, at affordable prices.

Kawai offer a 2-year warrantee on all new digital pianos.


  • Height of 101 cm
  • Depth of 59 cm
  • Width of 144,5 cm
  • Weight of 83 kg (89 black polished)


Brands We Stock

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