Kawai Model K800

The Kawai K800 upright piano is an impressive instrument made for the professional pianist. This elegant upright piano is the epitome of exceptional craftsmanship, that is perfect for fulfilling the needs of piano teachers, instructors and seasoned pianists. With its rich, full and rounded tone, this piano will provide wonderful sound, resonance and volume. The Kawai K800 upright piano comes equipped with all of the features that can rival more expensive grand pianos, making it one of the best industry-leading upright pianos available. This model has a stunning cabinet construction with sleek lines and a delicate design that will bring a sense of elegance to any interior.

What we like

● Includes a grand piano-style music desk
● Features three pedals including a sostenuto pedal
● Equipped with Neotex keys
● Sleek, elegant design
● Double felted mahogany core hammers
● Comes in a polished ebony finish


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What you should know about Kawai K800 Upright Piano

Kawai is a musical instrument manufacturing company from Japan. The brand is steeped within a great love for instruments and musical expression, and their innovative and carefully crafted products reflect that. The company is known for their carefully selected materials, demanding resonance standards, and high quality production, making their instruments some of the best quality available, at affordable prices. The Kawai K800 upright piano is developed and crafted within Japan, tested to give the most impressive playing and listening experience for an upright cabinet piano. This model is equipped with the newest, innovative technology from Kawai including their Millennium III Action with ABS-Carbon technology for a reliable, sturdy and durable instrument.

The Kawai K800 upright piano can comfortably keep up with the demands of highly skilled and professional pianists, offering excellent, responsive touch from the Neotex keys and exceptional performance. This model from Kawai comes in a beautiful ebony black polish, for a sleek, sophisticated and elegant look suitable for many interiors. Made of only the finest components, the K800 upright piano features a spruce tapered sound board, Royal George hammer felts, a full Duplex scale, and a handy ‘hard finish’ music rack for your convenience. This impressive piano is made for the advanced, professional pianist looking for a high quality instrument that can keep up with their skills.


  • Height of 134 cm
  • Depth of 65 cm
  • Width of 153 cm
  • Weight of 284 kg

A bit on Kawai Pianos

The imaginative spirit of Koichi Kawai, the founder, laid an ambitious foundation for all who would follow, and is the primary reason why the name Kawai has been synonymous with innovation since 1927. Always searching for new materials and technologies that can improve the tone, touch, stability or durability of a piano, Kawai has pioneered many of the piano industry’s most compelling and beneficial innovations, including aluminium action rails, slow-close fallboards, hard finish music desks and the revolutionary use of ABS composites and carbon fibre in piano actions. In its never ending quest to elevate the art of instrumental craftsmanship, Kawai continues to fulfil its calling as the future of the piano.

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