Petrof Model 131M1

The Petrof P131 M1 Upright Piano is a wonderful instrument that is exquisitely designed forconcert performances. This upright piano is one of the largest models in the Petrof range, and is perfect for larger interiors. With powerful and colourful tones, the P131 M1 creates an impressive sound favoured by professional pianists.

The Petrof P131 M1 upright piano is a beautifully-crafted instrument with rich and open tones for clear, fulfilling sound. The P131 M1 promises the soft, romantic tones that are typical of the Petrof range, while also offering a simple, modern and handcrafted design.

This is a remarkable upright piano that will place no limits on a musician’s art and performance.

What we like
● Large size
● Provides a powerful tone
● Perfect for concert performances
● Has a modern, simplified style
● Great for music schools and large interiors


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What you should know about Petrof P131 M1

Petrof Pianos is an established piano company that has manufactured high-quality pianos for hundreds of years. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic, Petrof Pianos offers European piano models made with premium quality craftsmanship.

The Petrof P131 M1 is an exceptionally crafted instrument from the Highest Series, being part of Petrof’s master-built, highest quality upright piano range. Not only this, the P131 M1 is also assured with the European Excellence certification. This tremendous upright piano is perfectly designed as a performance instrument, and will be an ideal addition to music schools and halls.

This piano provides a richness in sound with a dark tenor and clear treble for a phenomenal tonal sound. With its tall cabinet design, this piano offers a larger range of tones with brilliant resonance. In addition, the Petrof P131 M1 model has a highly refined keyboard which is balanced across all registers, creating a sufficient scope for its self-fulfillment.

The Petrof P131 M1 has a simplistic, sleek design, made of only the best materials, and is
available in a range of stunning finishes. While this model is intended specifically for
professional pianists, this impressive instrument will be enjoyed by all piano lovers and


  • Height of 131 cm
  • Depth of 60 cm
  • Width of 145.5 cm
  • Weight of 253 kg

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