Petrof P159 Bora

Its size is the only thing that makes the Bora a small instrument. As soon as the hammers hit the strings, you will discover its wonderful, rich and surprisingly powerful sound. Once again we have put the very best materials, technology and design features of concert instruments into its construction. Its potential greatly transcends its actual size. Professional players favour it for practice purposes and domestic use.

What we like

● Produced in Europe
● Röslau German strings
● Traditionally crafted
● Small grand, big sound
● Available in a range of polished finishes


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What you should know about the Petrof P159 Bora Grand Piano

PETROF’s acoustic instruments stir the hearts of music lovers with their typically romantic, rounded and gentle tone. The company’s reputation has spread all over the world and we are proud to be able to continue the family tradition of piano building begun in 1864 by Antonín Petrof, the company founder. Our portfolio is very wide and has gained an array of patents including the declaration of quality construction materials and their European origin – the European Excellence Seal (EEX).

PETROF grand pianos represent the experience of renowned master pianomakers, whose manual work makes up 80% of the manufacturing process. Their hands create instruments of world-class quality as well unique models in a diversity of artistic styles, in exact accordance with our customers’ wishes.

“We produce beautiful pianos with a characteristic romantic tone for the delight of every player who sits down to play them.” Susan Petrof


  • Height of 102.5 cm
  • Depth of 159 cm
  • Width of 152.5 cm
  • Weight of 309 kg

Brands We Stock

We offer an extensive range of new pianos from the top makers of Europe and Asia, with the opportunity to compare model from these manufacturers side by side in person at our spacious central London showroom.