Pleyel 120

A lovely example of this highly sought after French handcrafted piano, circa 2004. In an inlaid cherry satin finish with brass fittings.

This piano is not available for hire

What we like
• Prestigious French manufacturer
• Beautiful and unique cabinet
• Warm and expressive European sound
•Third muffler/practice pedal


All our prices include vat.



Height of 120cm
Depth of 58cm
Width of 147cm

A bit on Pleyel Pianos

In more than two centuries, this famous French manufacturer has shown its permanent ambition to innovate and reinvent itself, from a technical and aesthetic perspective, in order to meet the wishes of the most demanding musicians.

The Maison Pleyel has always accompanied the greatest performers and composers throughout the ages.
“When I feel in good form and strong enough to find my own sound, I need a Pleyel piano”, Chopin liked to repeat.

Pleyel pianos, recipient of numerous awards and other prizes, are recognized for their many innovations that have allowed the evolution of this beautiful instrument. A pioneer to its soul, the Maison Pleyel symbolizes the French genius of instrumental craftsmanship.

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