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Kawai GS-30

The Kawai GS Series is highly regarded by professional musicians. This GS-30 model is in excellent condition and measures 6’1 in length. Finished in black polyester with brass fixings.

Available to hire for £300 per month.

What we like
• Produced in Japan
• Fine performance componentry
• The size lends itself for domestic or studio use

£15,000.00 inc. VAT

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Height of  101cm
Depth of  186cm
Width of  146cm

Free First Tuning

Markson Pianos are passionate about music and sound, with a reputation for the highest exacting standards. When you purchase a new piano with us, we will promise to offer the first tuning of your new piano completely free of charge! With our professional piano tuning services, you are assured of the best quality sound for the years to come.

Five Year Warranty

At Markson Pianos, all of our new piano models are guaranteed for up to five years to protect your investment, whilst ensuring that you will always have the best quality piano for your practices and recitals. This will correct any issues with manufacturing, repairs or replacements, so that you can rely on your new piano.

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