Yamaha Model B3

The Yamaha B3 is the leading model in the b-series range. Reaching professional upright standards, it is ideal for the serious beginner, combining price value and performance. Inspired by the U1’s renowned design and featuring the latest production techniques, the B3 is a perfect symbiosis of the traditional and modern.


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Is the Yamaha B3 a good piano?

Drawing on a hundred years of accumulated knowledge, Yamaha’s entire entry level range, the B series, is made under high standards of construction in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Because quality control is of the highest level, the benefit to any owner is that maintenance costs are low. The build quality is every bit as good as you might find in some more expensive models, and is supported by five sturdy wooden back posts and a strong cast iron frame.

The B3 is made for the more advanced pianist. The model reaches professional standards while keeping to the b series philosophy: combining quality and affordability. Featuring the same frame as the legendary U1, it ties Yamaha’s traditional values with the latest production techniques.

The B3’s sound and quality is the best out of the b-series. The strings and soundboard are longer, meaning there is greater depth and flexibility than the smaller models. The solid spruce soundboard produces a warm and rich tone.

With an added back post, there is most tuning stability and the piano’s resonance is greater. Like the B2, the B3 features single castors, enabling more movability.

The b-series is a favourite amongst piano teachers as Japanese piano actions can be a little heavier. It is therefore easier for beginners to play, as they often find they lose control with a lighter touch piano. The extra strength in the key action (the mechanism that causes hammers to strike the strings when a key is pressed) is ideal for building dexterity, and makes examinations on different pianos much easier. It nevertheless remains easy to play, with an extremely responsive and consistent touch.

The piano is a stunning combination of art, craftsmanship and tech. With its minimalistic and chic look, it will look good anywhere.

In short, we think this is not just a good piano, but an excellent piano at this price point.

A bit on Yamaha’s history

Concert halls, recording studios and places of worship around the world resonate with the distinctive Yamaha sound, owing to more than a century of acclaimed piano-making. Torakusu Yamaha made his first up-right piano in 1900 after finding great success as an organ maker. Since then, with the advice of world-expert piano technicians, Yamaha have been working tirelessly on achieving pioneering quality in their instruments.

Arthur Rubinstein took favourite note of Yamaha in the roaring 20s, and half a century later, Glenn Gould recorded his all-time classic Goldberg Variations on their CF grand piano. In 2016, for the third consecutive year, Yamaha was awarded the prestigious ‘Top 100 Global Innovator’.

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