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Piano Repolishing

Piano Repolishing

Repolishing process

There are a number of different casework finishes available to us today.
Traditionally, older pianos were finished in a highly specialised French polished finish. This method of casework finishing has become so specialised that very few people are able to carry it out and has now been replaced by modern wax finished from a flat satin finish to a very high gloss finish.

French polishing is extremely labour intensive, but the resulting finish can be absolutely stunning. The relevant finishes are achieved by using pads soaked in a shellac and oil mix in a specific motion. These layers are left to dry, and then finely sanded and additional layers added and sanded.

At Markson Pianos we are able to carry out any repairs, from the very minor fair wear and tear scratch, through the rings created by dripped water from a vase (not common on modern high gloss polyester finishes) to the full strip and repolishing of upright and grand pianos.

Many of the minor repairs can be carried out in your home. Obviously, the major repolishing or respraying restorations will be carried out in our workshop.

Contact us on 020 7935 8682 to discuss your requirements, or email us at with some photographs of your piano.

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