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Theatre and Prop Pianos Rental

We often get requests for unusual instruments from the world of theatre, film, video and prop hire. It might be for a pianola or a dummy grand, a barrel organ or a 19th-century square piano. Whatever the request we do our best to provide the solution. You will have seen our pianos in TV and costumes dramas, films such as E M Fosters - Room With A View and in numerous adverts.

Square Piano

Collard & Collard Square Piano
Finish: Mahogany Satin

John Broadwood

John Broadwood 7' Grand
Finish : Mahogany Satin with Decorated Vellum lid

Weber Chinoise

Weber Duo Art Pianola
Case Finish : Black with Chinoise Decoration

John Broadwood Upright

John Broadwood Upright | circa 1930 | 3 panelled top door | Dk Rosewood finish

Daneman Upright

Daneman Upright | Circa 1960 | Finish Teak Satin - popular piano for schools / education scenarios

Yamaha C3 Prepared

Yamaha C3 Boudoir Grand | Circa 1980 | Black Polyester finish | Prepared
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