Steingraeber & Sohn Model 192

The Steingraeber & Söhne B-192 Grand Piano is the finest, highest quality piano that you will find in this size. The Steingraeber & Söhne B-192 Grand Piano is capable of transforming your home into a concert hall for an exceptional musical experience. This model has an excellent rich tone that is created with its extra-long bass strings similar to that of a chamber music concert grand piano. The Steingraeber & Söhne B-192 was manufactured in honour of the 2011 Liszt Anniversary, acting as the ‘little brother’ of the brand’s C-212 chamber music grand piano. The two are very closely related models, with identical actions and exemplary performance. This piano is available in a whole variety of finishes from simple polished ebony to a whole range of exotic and rare woods.

What we like

  • Straight bass bridge without suspension
  • Extra-long bass strings on a similar scale to those of a chamber music grand
  • Highly flexible bridges made of solid copper beech
  • Bearing bars in the treble registers for optimal mixing of partials
  • Precisely limited sounding board area by way of a far-reaching sound trap
  • Enhanced volume through very hard outer rims of layered beech wood (26 pcs.
    horizontal and 13 pcs. vertical)


All our prices include vat.


What you should know about the Steingraeber B-192 Grand Piano

In honour of the Liszt Anniversary, Steingraeber & Söhne unveiled a new 192 cm (6’3”) grand at the 2011 Bayreuth Festival. It is closely modeled on the Liszt grand, which is to say the Steingraeber C-212 and its predecessor, the 1873 Eduard Steingraeber 200. The Steingraeber & Söhne B-192 Piano sets a new standard for salon grands. This model is perfectly crafted for professional and discerning pianists and is suitable for professional use and in music conservatories. The B-192 salon grand piano features very long bass strings for a deeper, more dynamic sound without distortion. Combined with fast responding keys, and a concert touch, this salon grand piano is a pleasure to play. In addition, this model has a Bavarian spruce soundboard, Renner action, Steingraeber hammers, with all-natural materials and glues for a solid, reliable and sturdy construction.


  • Height of 102 cm
  • Depth of 192 cm
  • Width of 153 cm
  • Weight of 350 kg

A bit about Steingraeber & Söhne Pianos

In the UK, Steingraeber pianos can still be arguably defined as the best kept secret in the piano world. Since 1852, these wonderful instruments have been made to very limited numbers in Bayreuth, Germany and their list of proud owners include Franz Liszt whose last piano can be found in the grand yet welcoming residence of the Steingraeber family. Udo Schimdt-Steingraeber and his talented team of artisans produce exquisite instruments which, for those in the know, are considered to be amongst the finest pianos made today. We have sold several of their instruments to famous musicians who up until their visit to our showroom, were not aware of their existence. They are also responsible for many innovations including the optional SFM ‘grand feel’ action on their uprights and the unique pedalling system for wheelchair bound players.

Free First Tuning

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Five Year Warranty

At Markson Pianos, all of our new piano models are guaranteed for up to five years to protect your investment, whilst ensuring that you will always have the best quality piano for your practices and recitals. This will correct any issues with manufacturing, repairs or replacements, so that you can rely on your new piano.

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