Steingraeber & Söhne Model 130

The Steingraeber & Söhne 130 Upright Piano is the company’s most successful upright piano for nearly 100 years. It has been a highly popular instrument for musical academies, universities and schools, replacing the need for a grand piano with a much fuller sound. A highly awarded and regarded instrument for its capability, performance and clear, precise tone, the Steingraeber & Söhne 130 upright piano commands a place in all environments. Its German craftsmanship and stunning design that pleases both the eye and the pianist, as an extremely impressive piano.

What we like

● Highly responsive key action
● Incredible sound and clarity
● Awarded the top-notch upright piano
● Differentiated tone quality and transparency
● Crafted with premium quality wood and components
● Available in over 100 wooden veneers, polished, satin or oiled


All our prices include vat.


What you should know about Steingraeber & Söhne 130 Upright Piano

The Steingraeber & Söhne 130 upright piano is a well-favoured instrument for accomplished pianists and teaching instructors alike. At a comfortable and professional size, this piano delivers some of the finest quality of sound, resonance, and aesthetic appearance. Handcrafted in Bayreuth, Bavaria, this traditionally styled piano with a beautiful cabinet is made with the finest components including hammers fitted with magnets that work together to create the highest of response, accuracy and speed for greater action when performing. This is one of the most highly customisable piano designs in the world, with over 100 wooden veneers to choose from, in polished, satin or oiled finishes, or you can choose from a sleek black polish finish. For a stunning focal piece and impressively stylish piano, you will want to invest in the Steingraeber & Söhne 130 upright piano. In addition, Steingraeber & Söhne can make custom pianos, so that you can design and style the perfect piano to your tastes. The company prides itself on making every
customer’s dream piano come to life.

With Steingraeber Model 130, you are effectively buying a 160 cm (5’3”) baby grand. Unique to the market, you have the choice of three different mechanisms:

  • The Classic version (130 K and all other models)
  • 130 Professional Studio, with faster repetition and sostenuto
  • 130 PS-Repetition with the addition of accelerated repetition in the bass register

This model was awarded the ‘world’s best’ prize for uprights in Paris. It is often chosen by music conservatories over factory-produced, studio grands, because it is technically their equal and has superior flexibility of sound. Available upon request with stronger dampening for chamber music; also, in Models 130 PS Professional Studio, K Classic and B Baroque, among others.


  • Height of 130 cm
  • Depth of 63 cm
  • Width of 148 cm
  • Weight of 223 kg

A bit about Steingraeber & Söhne Pianos

Steingraeber & Söhne are a German manufacturer of custom-made pianos loved by professionals, instructors and music enthusiasts alike. Established in 1852, Steingraeber & Söhne pride themselves on creating instruments with only the finest, highest quality materials available. With excellence and traditional craftsmanship at the heart of the brand, Steingraeber & Söhne pianos create the perfect harmony between pianists and pianos. Since 1852, these wonderful instruments have been made to very limited numbers in Bayreuth, Germany and their list of proud owners include Franz Liszt whose last piano can be found in the grand yet welcoming residence of the Steingraeber family. Udo Schimdt-Steingraeber and his talented team of artisans produce exquisite instruments which, for those in the know, are considered to be amongst the finest pianos made today. We have sold several of their instruments to famous musicians who up until their visit to our showroom, were not aware of their existence. They are also responsible for many
innovations including the optional SFM ‘grand feel’ action on their uprights and the unique pedalling system for wheelchair bound players.

Free First Tuning

Markson Pianos are passionate about music and sound, with a reputation for the highest exacting standards. When you purchase a new piano with us, we will promise to offer the first tuning of your new piano completely free of charge! With our professional piano tuning services, you are assured of the best quality sound for the years to come.

Five Year Warranty

At Markson Pianos, all of our new piano models are guaranteed for up to five years to protect your investment, whilst ensuring that you will always have the best quality piano for your practices and recitals. This will correct any issues with manufacturing, repairs or replacements, so that you can rely on your new piano.


Brands We Stock

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