Yamaha Model P116

The Yamaha P116 Upright Piano is a compact instrument intended for more modest spaces and homes. Despite its smaller exterior, this P series model does not falter on sound with a pleasant, clear tone in the upper mid and treble registers, and a beautifully balanced bass. With a magnificent sound and sleek, compact design, the Yamaha P116 piano will find a place in the home for practice. As part of the P Series from Yamaha, the P116 upright piano is a mid-range model, but with high-end quality, craftsmanship and features. With Yamaha construction, this piano is highly responsive, with an excellent tonal reproduction, suitable for all levels of pianists.

What we like

● Delivers brilliant sound quality
● Affordable
● Compact design to fit smaller spaces
● European spruce soundboard
● Available as a Silent Piano, or Standard Acoustic


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What you should know about Yamaha P116 Upright Piano

Yamaha has been an innovator for decades when it comes to designing musical instruments. Despite its affordability, the Yamaha P116 Upright Piano is built with attention to detail, giving it excellent tonal reproduction and the sensitive, quick responsiveness of the Yamaha keyboard and action mechanism. Its exquisite European-influenced design and craftsmanship make this piano a joy to see, hear and own. The Yamaha P116 Upright Piano is beautifully crafted in the popular European style yet is still compact and small enough to fit in any home. This model boasts a delightfully balanced and responsive touch, with mellow, warming tones and sensitive sound. With its elegant cabinet, and solid spruce soundboard, this is an impressive yet small piano. In addition, this upright piano feature 88 keys, making it ideal for traditional piano playing – whether you’re a beginner or professional. The Yamaha P116 has a forgiving keyboard, making it the perfect piano for an intermediate player, hoping to improve their skills. At an affordable price, the Yamaha P116 upright piano still has all of the qualities of Yamaha’s premium pianos. With curving cheeks, stunningly sculpted legs and a rounded lid, this piano is easy on the eye while also being satisfying to play.


  • Height of 116 cm
  • Depth of 58 cm
  • Width of 153 cm
  • Weight of 216 kg

A bit on Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha have been building quality pianos since 1887 and their extensive range caters for
every player. Whether you are looking for a small compact upright for your flat, a portable
keyboard for your gig or a full sized hand-crafted concert grand which plays itself, you can
be assured of Yamaha’s consistency and build quality which is why they remain one of the
most popular manufacturers today for amateurs and professionals alike.
Yamaha are also regarded for their constant innovations which not only include their
established Digital, Silent and Disklavier instruments but also their recently unveiled Trans-
acoustic range. Their pianos have been endorsed by many leading musicians including
Jules Holland and Jamie Cullum.

Free First Tuning

Markson Pianos are passionate about music and sound, with a reputation for the highest
exacting standards. When you purchase a new piano with us, we will promise to offer the
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services, you are assured of the best quality sound for the years to come.
Five Year Warranty
At Markson Pianos, all of our new piano models are guaranteed for up to five years to
protect your investment, whilst ensuring that you will always have the best quality piano for
your practices and recitals. This will correct any issues with manufacturing, repairs or
replacements, so that you can rely on your new piano.


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