Should I buy a Grand Piano?

Publish Date: 9 May 2022
Buy a Grand Piano

Why buy a grand piano?

Grand pianos are the most expensive pianos on the market, but they also offer the most refined 

playing experience, sound quality and overall design. There is a reason why pianists buy a grand piano 

as an investment, and in this article, we will be exploring some of our favourite grand pianos and 

discussing why they are worth their weight in gold. 


Which grand piano to buy? 

When it comes to any piano, we always recommend that you try before you buy and don’t just try 

one piano, test out as many as possible. A grand piano is an investment, and ultimately you will want 

an instrument that looks amazing and sounds and feels just as good when playing. 

There are countless grand pianos that we could recommend, but to help you narrow down your 

choice, here we have listed some of our stand out models from world-renowned brands: 


Yamaha C2X Grand Piano 

This beautifully crafted model is perfect if you are looking for a grand that fits into smaller domestic 

spaces. Built with bespoke CX series hammers, the C2X offers a clear, crisp and precise sound with an 

incredible depth of tone. This particular model has a redesigned high-grade soundboard and 

premium cabinetry crafted by expert technicians at Yamaha. If you are looking to buy a grand piano with 

a beautifully balanced tone and colourful sound that will look stunning in any space, we recommend 

considering this model. 


Bosendorfer 170VC 

If you are a lover of Grand Pianos that are distinctive in both sound and appearance, look no further than 

the Bosendorfer 170 VC. This grand was first designed by Ludwig Bosendorfer in 1908 and depicted 

an elegant and enchanting piano perfect for the bourgeois society of Imperial Vienna. This traditional 

style model offers a warm tone with wonderful resonance in a compact design. If you want an 

instrument that combines the vision and technology of modern manufacturings with a classic 20th-

century structure, the 170VC is perfect. 


Kawai GL10 

The Kawai GL10 is the smallest of Kawais Grand pianos and therefore classed as a baby grand measuring 

just 5ft. This model is renowned for its dynamic range, expressive musical tone and high-quality 

craftmanship. This model is a great pick for pianists looking for a piano that can fit into much smaller 

spaces. The GL10 is equipped with a steel enforced key bed, and a soft fall fallboard and is made with 

ABS-Carbon for a sturdy and rigid design. Its highly responsive touch, dynamic range and eloquent 

tone provide any pianist with the opportunity to play with passion and expression. 


As with any Kawai piano, you are investing in an instrument that will stand the test of time. 

Ultimately, this model is small but mighty and is ideal for anyone in need of a great looking and great 

sounding entry-level piano.  



Is it ok to buy a reconditioned grand piano? 

Yes, it is ok to buy a reconditioned grand piano, but we would always recommend buying from a 

reputable piano shop such as Markson Pianos. We are proud to offer a diverse selection of Preowned 

Grand Pianos that our expert team have restored to their former glory. Reconditioned pianos can 

sound, feel and look just as good as a brand new model when correctly restored.  


Depending on where you choose to purchase your pre-owned piano from, the process of 

reconditioning will be different. Our team ensures that every grand piano goes through a full 

regulation and set-up process with any damaged parts being replaced or refurbished. They will then 

be rigorously assessed in our in house workshop to ensure optimum structural and mechanical 



Additionally, when buying a reconditioned grand piano, you should always check to see if there are 

any guarantees with your purchase. At Markson Pianos, we take pride in all of our work which is why 

as with our new pianos, the majority of our second-hand grand pianos are sold with a full five-year 



Should I buy a baby grand piano? 

Choosing a baby grand piano over a grand piano usually comes down to how much space you have 

available. Ordinarily, grand pianos are 6’ to about 7’ feet long, while baby grand pianos are 4’11 to 

5’11 feet long. So, if you are limited with space but want the luxurious look and feel of a grand piano, 

a baby grand is an ideal option. However, it is worth noting that the reduced size often also means 

reduced sound quality. 


Many manufacturers recognise that baby grands are desirable for the ‘piano aesthetic’ in residential 

and commercial settings, and so they pay less attention to the touch and tone. Overall, the sound 

quality of a baby grand can be affected by this, but the coveted grand design will remain the same. 


Buying a Grand Piano 


So, should I buy a grand piano is a grand piano and is it worth purchasing? It’s a resounding yes from us. Grand pianos are a great 

investment for pianists looking to level up their playing with a model that looks  

breathtaking in any space. A grand piano is a piece of art, and even when it is not being played, it is 

still the focal point of any room.  


If you are interested in looking to buy a Grand Piano or even a beautiful Pre-owned Grand Piano, 

please feel free to browse our collections. We are proud to offer a wide range of Grands from the world-

renowned manufacturers such as Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Petrof and more.  


If you have any questions about grand pianos or are interested in any of our available models, please 

hesitate to get in touch with our team at Markson Pianos today on 020 7935 8682