Choosing the Best Steingraeber Upright & Grand Pianos

Publish Date: 27 August 2019

The Steingraeber company has been making high quality, handcrafted upright and grand pianos in Germany since 1852.

These are limited edition instruments, made in Bayreuth, and their manufacture draws on a long tradition of craftsmanship, while it also embraces and initiates new developments and innovations.

If you are looking for a piano, should you choose an upright or a grand, and what can the best Steingraeber grand pianos and upright pianos offer you?

Upright or Grand Piano?

There’s more than the size that is different between an upright and a grand piano.

Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori invented the first piano in Padua, Italy in 1709. It marked a significant advance from its predecessor, the harpsichord because it depended on striking rather than plucking the strings.

The hammer action of the piano meant the player could change the way the notes were struck: hard, soft, slow, fast, etc.

This action is different in upright and grand pianos.

In the upright piano, the action sits vertically, the same as the strings, but the keys rest horizontally, naturally. When the key is pressed, the parts move the hammer to strike the strings horizontally.

In the grand piano, the action rests horizontally with the strings. Here the hammer moves vertically to strike the string.

What this means is that on the grand piano, you have more control of dynamics when playing, including speed and overall force.

The grand piano’s action is faster because it moves with gravity.

Generally, the grand is always louder than the upright.

However, with a high-quality instrument, such as a Steingraeber piano, the upright piano still represents a peak of well-crafted, precision manufacturing.

The other thing to consider is the size.

Steingraeber Grand Piano

Here there is a degree of crossover since Steingraeber offers a baby grand model A170, but also the upright piano 138, which is the largest upright piano in the world.

What Makes Steingraeber Pianos Different?

Steingraeber pianos are considered by many to be among the finest pianos ever made, and the company continues to make them today.

Along with the baby grand A170 and its rich bass depth, which allows it to punch well above its weight musically. They also produce the C212 grand piano, which is modelled on the original piano the company supplied to the composer Franz Liszt.

The Steingraeber company’s range of upright and grand pianos offers practical luxury. For conservatories and music professionals, it offers salon brands such as the B192 Grand Piano. And for medium-sized concert halls, the D232 grand piano with lightweight lid and specially drilled cap d’astro bar, for exceptionally long sustain.

Then there is the Steingraeber E-272 Concert Grand Piano, which simultaneously embodies years of experienced craftsmanship combined with unique features, including the innovative resonating space of its soundboard.

The upright range offers highly expressive instruments which can hold their own in theatres, conservatories and smaller venues.

In fact, the Steingraeber 130 upright model has a unique action that accurately captures the sound of a grand piano, but in an upright.

The professional range of upright and grand pianos we sell offers the choice, quality and innovation that the Steingraeber name is known for.

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