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Acoustic Grand Pianos

As one of the UK's leading piano dealers we offer an extensive range of new pianos from manufacturers around the world. Rather than confine ourselves to one or two brands, we offer you the opportunity to compare and contrast different makes and models, in a similar acoustic environment, supported by the expertise of our staff.

All our new pianos are sold with a full Five Year guarantee ensuring peace of mind with such a sizeable purchase. Prior to delivery every new piano is set up to its optimum performance. Each key movement is regulated to ensure there is no untoward motion, the damper action is checked to ensure full damping and the keys are levelled and eased to reduce the chance of 'sticking' as moisture is absorbed by the new felts.

Grand Pianos

Grand Piano

[+] Why choose a Grand Piano ?

In many cases, especially if you are reading this page, the decision to buy a grand piano has already been made but it’s worth considering the main reasons people would buy a Grand or Baby Grand piano.
Typically Grand and Baby Grand pianos are bought by individuals or companies who will use them on a regular basis. There are of course occasions where a piano of this nature is purchased simply for the aesthetics, and whilst we do supply them in these circumstances, the majority of our clients will be playing their grand piano every day.
Whilst the reason for purchase therefore may vary from individual to individual, the general aim is the same; the excellence of the sound it produces. Nothing comes close to the tone and feel of a grand piano and in the hands of a master it can elevate the music to another level.

[+] Who should own a Grand Piano ?

The simple answer is really anyone with the room for one! Apart from the size of the piano there is, of course, the requirement to house it in a room, which will allow it to ‘breathe’. To create the tone that is characteristic with these instruments requires a suitably sized room which can allow the music to soar. If you are unsure, don’t worry, we can help. We have years of experience in these matters and will happily help you assess the room size and shape to suit the piano of your choice.

[+] How to choose your Grand Piano

There are a great many considerations to take into account, when choosing your ideal Grand or Baby Grand piano, not least of which is the location in which it will sit. We can help you assess this and once you are happy with the location, it’s then a matter of choosing from the vast range we have on offer. Depending on the piano, you may have the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ and we can even provide a rental service to allow you to try the piano in your own home before making the final purchase decision. Our experience means that not only can we advise on which piano sounds and suits you best, but more importantly, we can approach this from a practical angle as well. The key here is to buy a piano that ‘fits’ you and your playing style as well as your home and lifestyle.

[+] Boudoir Grand or Baby Grand ?

People can often get confused between the terms ‘Grand’ and ‘Baby Grand’ Pianos but the difference is quite straightforward. Grand Pianos are measured from the front of the piano all the way to the back of the piano (with the lid in the closed position) and the smallest of these is the ‘baby grand’ which comes in at 5’0”. After that we have the ‘boudoir grand’ pianos which run from 172cm (5’8”) to 218cm (7’2”), after which the grand pianos run all the way up to 280cm (9’2"). The key therefore is finding a room with sufficient space to accommodate a piano of this size and in many cases the room size limits the choice of pianos under consideration.
We are able to supply a cloth template which can be folded to represent the different sizes of grand piano so you can assess the amount of space it requires in your room.....Do not forget to add on space for the piano stool !

[+] Grand piano prices

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is “how much” and of course the standard answer is “it depends”. This isn’t an evasive answer; far from it, more a statement of fact. There are a huge number of variables which can and will affect the price of a piano and we need to consider all of these.
Typically we have pre-owned baby grand pianos available from as little as £2,500 and we generally have a good range of pianos in the £7,000 to £20,000 range both new and pre-owned. At the higher end we supply brand new and pre-owned grand pianos from £75,000 to £125,000 and regularly supply to concert halls, theatres and music venues as well as homes and businesses.

[+] Where to site your grand piano

This might sound obvious but where you site a grand piano will make a difference to the life and durability of the instrument. Typically pianos require reasonably well controlled temperature environments, so siting a grand piano in direct sunlight will affect not only the external casing but the instrument will be subject to expansion and contraction internally, leading to a rapid degradation of the sound quality. At one end of the scale this could mean that it will need more regular tuning and at the other, it could mean that in just a few years it will be unplayable. As well as temperature there are considerations of humidity and moisture as well as, of course, making sure that it is positioned in such a way as to allow the music to breathe. And of course you want to be sure that you can get around it to clean and maintain the piano, which brings another dimension to the siting of a grand piano. Luckily with our years of experience we have helped clients position hundreds of grand and baby grand pianos and of course, our expertise in this matter comes free of charge.

[+] Living with your grand piano

This is the best part; you get to own a grand piano and get to play it in your home every day. The sheer joy of sitting at this magnificent piano and hearing the sound it makes elevates you to another plane. Our advice is to simply enjoy every moment!


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